Powerful yet simple

Multicom communication systems are designed by humans for humans.  There is nothing simpler to operate .  Our dependability and feature list is second to none.

Next-level features

Multicom systems are fully digital, with modular features.  We embed the latest standards for clarity and quick installation.  Your system will be easy to operate and fit your needs perfectly.

Fit for any purpose

We have a rugged communication and video systems that are made to work in any environment dependably.  Land, sea or air.

Free support

Multicom provides free telephone and web based support for our systems 7 days a week.  You can always get help wherever you are in the world.

Buying Choices!

Want some help with design or choosing the right products?  We have trained techs standing by.  Know what you want?  You can buy from our online stores and save.

Forty years

Forty years of the highest quality electronics and communication systems.  That’s a lot of  security for you to know we will be here whenever you need us.

multicom – systems that withstand the roughest environments



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We Design and Install

We  custom design and install communication systems that meets your needs exactly.  All on your timeline and within your budget.

We Design Only

Engineers are available on an hourly basis to specify and design most any system to your needs.  Simple systems are designed at no charge.

Do It Yourself and Save

Save money by buying your systems or equipment directly from one of our websites.  We also have a learning center and free advice.

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